GROUND Breaking Technology to

Diagnose Compartment Syndrome

Research from NASA @ Langley College has proven that there is a quick and effective way to diagnose compartment syndrome early in the process and prevent unnecessary pain, surgeries, amputations, infections, death and litigation surrounding this difficult diagnosis.

Compartment Syndrome, historically, has been very difficult to diagnose because of lack of resources for proper, efficient and sure diagnosis. Compartment Syndrome is a condition resulting from increased pressure within a confined body space, most commonly in the leg or forearm.

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vast knowledge and experience of components and latest technologies of Compartment Syndrome

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Problem It Solves

Being able to safely and quickly diagnose Compartment Syndrome before it causes permanent damage will potentially prevent a patient from having to undergo an intense, very risky and costly surgery called a fasciotomy and a grueling recovery risking the possibility of infection and loss of limb or life the entire time.

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Tech Details

Our device is an easy to use, handheld device that measures pulsatility in a compartment (an enclosed group of muscles, vessels and nerves) of a limb which will adequately assess for proper circulation and will efficiently be capable of ruling in or out a diagnosis called Compartment Syndrome.

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